Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm Going Back To My Roots (Week 24)

jimmer is balling up big time in China right now!! It's so sick! I heard they are calling him a basketball god! all the haters can just fredette about it! this week definitely had its ups and downs but I think the worst of it is over, and this new upcoming week should be a good one!

last monday was pretty sweet! we went to a carvery for lunch, it's like an all you can eat roast dinner place and it was wayy good! we just emailed and played chair soccer for the rest of the day!

Tuesday was a good day, but nothing too fun or anything haha. We visited some potentials, got our phone back so we had to get a ton of numbers back in our phone and we spent a few hours texting and calling potentials and former investigators, only time will tell to see if it was a good use of time haha. we went over to the Fell's for dinner, they are a really cool older couple in the ward, and we had some amazing chicken for dinner and then pie with custard for dessert! I keep forgetting that custard is hot here because back home it's like frozen yogurt and here it's hot as the devil! following the dinner we went with brother Fell to Syyya and Axxxn and PxxJxxx's which was good as always!

Wednesday was fun! We had district meeting, ate at McDonald's, did some district finding, and went to McDonald's again. I am SO SICK of McDonald's haha, I mean it's nicer than it is in the states, if you're at McDonald's in the states and you see someone you know, you just duck your head because you don't wanna get caught at McDonald's. But here it's like THE place to be here, but it's still not good. District finding was fun! I went with the homie O'Hare and we knocked into a Viking, two 95 year olds, and an 80 year old player. We knocked on one door and this 80 year old guy in a bikers outfit answered and said nah not interested, so then we went to the next door and knocked, and this 80 year old hot rod walked right in between us as this old lady opened the door, and he kisses her and then looks at us and says "what do you want?". I was like, fair enough man haha, me and Ohare were dying after! We all met up as a zone to watch a worldwide mission broadcast led by Elder Dallin H Oaks (an apostle) and it was pretty cool, he and a few others talked about teaching repentance in everything we do, and also we got told that our P-days are extended a bit of time so I'm hyped!

Thursday I woke up with a gnarly cold, oh man it sucked! Super stuffy nose, sore throat, ear infection, the whole deal. I spent most of the morning trying to rest and get better for the afternoon, but when I realised it wouldn't get better that quick, I pounded down on a bunch of drugs! I totally mean just like cold medicine drugs, don't worry haha. We went out to the town centre in Sutton C'field and I began my search for a bike! I said in Swansea that I'd never get a bike on my mission, well, then I was sent to this area...haha, it's all good though, it took forever but I eventually found her, the bike I was looking for! I had to pick it up on Friday though. After that we went back to Wylde Green and went to the Hammond's for dinner! They are a lovely, older couple in the ward and their two young grandchildren were there and they were so funny! I seriously wish I could go back to age 7 for a day haha. Following that we went over to PxxJxxx and Syyyya's to talk for an hour or so, and Syyya's sister and niece and her niece's boyfriend were all there going at it with the questions. The sister thought we were Amish so I'm glad we could clear that up! I ain't no amish! But they were all super cool and then PxxxJxxxx told us that he had never believed in God, even two weeks ago, but after coming to church a few days ago, he now believed in God and wanted to be baptised! So we are working on a wedding date for them and then hopefully a baptismal date! Even if I'm not here for the wedding or baptism, I'm so excited for them! They are lifelong homies!

Friday I still woke up to a stupid cold, so I rested for the morning and then we left around noon to get lunch and to get my bike. It's a pretty good bike, but man am I shaky on a bike. Like I knocked down a road sign on the way down a hill haha. We also knocked a street on Friday night in the freezing rain/now, and it was one that I prayed over earlier, and we even prayed before knocking the street, we got some cool potentials and then some couple actually let us in. I couldn't decide who was more shocked: me or the lightning that struck haha. It was way cool, we are gonna pop by them tomorrow. 

Saturday was kind of rough cuz my cold was bad and we didn't find any success in finding, but it's all good. we went over to PxxxJxxx's and Syyyya's and it was really good. We watched the Joseph Smith movie and I really think they felt the spirit. They are so solid, they even said they wanted to get married so they can be baptised soon!

Sunday was good! Church was awesome! I had to teach a class last minute on the Holy Ghost but I thought it went really well! I felt the spirit guide me in that a lot so I was happy with it. It's so important to teach by the spirit, I'm gonna study that this week in my personal study! After church we went to the O'Grady's for a meal with PxxxJxxx and Syyya and it was so cool, such a fun time eating food, playing games, and talking about life and the gospel! 

It honestly was a really good week, but at the end of it, I just feel like I could have worked harder even though I was sick for most of it, but it's all good because it's a new week and I'm hyped for the new start to work even harder and to not be sick anymore! I'm excited to go back to how I felt a few weeks ago, back to my roots. That's part of a song lyric, but when I think of going back to my roots, I think of the sacrament, every Sunday we re-dedicate ourselves to following Jesus Christ. I guess that's something to think about.

I'll end with a spiritual thought: I thought a lot this week about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel and I listened to an amazing devotional called "why 1820?" It talked about how after the apostles died, that there was no true church on the earth, and how churches were being corrupt, especially Constantine, it went through history up until the First Vision. So many things happened throughout the apostasy leading up to the restoration, and after studying it more, I truly know that Christ brought back his church as quick as he could. It talked about how God's hand was in the Revolutionary war, so there could be a land where the restoration could take place. I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that he did see God and Jesus Christ. There were prophets in the times of the bible, and we have a living prophet today, God is the same always, so he still speaks through prophets in this time. I know this to be true, and you can find out for yourself through reading the Book of Mormon, and asking god if it is true. 

Well, I know this next week will be another lit week out here so I'm hyped for the rise and grind! know that I miss and love you all! keep the emails coming too because I love each of you, and i truly mean that. have a legendary week across the pond! 

Elder Varner

also, I promise more pictures next week! I've been slackin! 

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pics and videos of...COSTCO, cool forest, elder ohare after the packers loss, and what its like for us knocking doors and finally being let in

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