Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chavs and Where to Find Them (Week 22)

i swear every kid here looks like they are straight out of Harry Potter, it's nuts. also do you know how in the third Harry Potter there is that bus scene where the buses get super close to the other buses and like thin out to get through the space? I swear then buses do that here, no lie. I've seen so many buses almost hit a kid or another car or bus but by God's grace it just doesn't happen at all. for all of you who may say you have been to the world of Harry Potter at universal, I'm living in it. also had an encounter with some chavs, read more to find out!

last monday has to be one of the funnest p-days I've had. I got a haircut and did some emailing and then the district came down from Walsall and we went GOLFING! 9 holes with free rental clubs for like £7, dirt cheap and it was so sick! it didn't rain one bit the entire day until we got to the first tee box, it dumped rain for the first few holes, but didn't stop us from having a blast! we got some sick pics and videos too so check it! I still got some game too! after that I found out two things: first was that we are doing exchanges with the AP's this upcoming week which is unusual but I'm looking forward to the learning opportunity! second-the Owens called us and asked if we had dinner set for the night and they invited us over for dinner. I love that couple so much, they are amazing!

Tuesday was tight! We went to the mission home to see the new greenies come in, only five of them but pretty cool. We did a lot of knocking doors the entire day, but we found from it, some super cool people that we will continue to follow up with. Really finding people at doors is what we do and then eventually the one will appear through hard work, it just takes faith and time. We went to the O'Gradys for dinner which was awesome! We had curry! Not much else for the day but still a fun one!

Wednesday was cool! We met with a guy named Mxxk, he's had a hard life up to this point but wants to change it around, we put him on a baptismal date for February! Such a cool dude! After that we did a ton of finding which I think went well, we also had dinner at the Fells and it was amazing! They fed us some sweet curry!

Thursday was so long, it was good, but way long. We had zone meeting which was in litchfield. It was good, but not the same as Merthyr zone meetings. The zone is pretty cool though! We didn't get back until like 4 and then we had to rush over to a dinner at the Fishers and we had bangers and mash! aka sausage and mashed potatoes, it's so good! then visited a few members.

Friday was pretty fun! We went to the mission home in the morning to work on the EBM website and then we went back to our flat and contacted potentials for a few hours. We set up a ton of appointments for this upcoming week so you know I'm hyped about that! Not much else other than visiting a few less actives! We also went to Walsall cuz we were doing district finding the next morning so we decided to do travel at night rather than getting up extra early, it was fun to be with those guys!

Saturday had its ups and downs, but overall it was such a sweet day! We did some district finding in Walsall and I went with Elder Ohare from Gilbert AZ, big shout out to all the homies from Gilbert including Braeden Johnson!!! Elder Ohare is such a stud, he's been out for one transfer less than me and he is one of the best missionaries I've spent time with. Watching him talk to people is amazing just because he is so genuine, me and him had a blast talking to people for a few hours! I went up to stop this one girl and talk to her and as soon as I said hi and made eye contact, she went complete 180 on me, it's like I parted the Red Sea, dang! But we talked to some really cool people that the Walsall elders will be able to see again so I'm hyped! After district finding, elder Clayton and i went back to wylde green and went to stop at a potentials house to teach a lesson, well, we thought it was a potential, on the phone it said Potential Nameless. It turned out to be a member couple that's kind of less active, but they are super cool, they invited us back for this upcoming week, the guy served in the Manchester mission and his mission president was the mtc president for me, so we talked a bit about that! Then we went to see this guy named Axxx, he's 29, married, and has to be one of the coolest guys I've met my entire mission. He got baptised but not confirmed cuz he had some doubts and stuff, so we are working with him, and he's been meeting with missionaries for years, but he's so close to recommitting and getting baptised again, him and his wife are lovely people, and they love us enough to feed us this upcoming week! In other news Elder Clayton had the phone and I guess it fell out of his pocket and was left on the bus, and some stupid Chavs got it (chavs are white trash, they are the stupidest people ever, it's pretty much teenage gangsters that are about as intimidating as middle schoolers). We tried calling our number at the mission home and the chav gang picked up and started mocking us and Clayton was getting pretty upset saying they were acting childish, they wouldn't budge, long story short we had to get the phone shut down and we were at the mission home until like 10:15 until the APs drove us home, we get a new phone today I think, but man I hate chavs. It made for a good laugh though with the APs on the way back to our flat haha.

Sunday was good, I gave a talk in church last minute on prayer and I think it went pretty well. After church we went over to the Mxxx's for lunch and oh my gosh it was amazing. It was like a roast dinner with Yorkshire and more, SOO good! Then we stopped by a few people's houses and no one was home so we did some weekly planning, did call ins at the mission home and then hung out with the APs and Birmingham zone leaders for dinner, ''twas a good night.

It was a good week, looking back on it, it went super fast, and I'm really growing to love this place and these people, being a missionary has to be one of the coolest things ever.

I'll end with this spiritual thought: sister Nelson said in a devotional last year, "What if you learned that the Savior had already returned to this earth--that He, as part of His Second Coming, had already met with some of His true followers in several marvelous, large gatherings--gatherings about which the world, including CNN and the blogosphere, knew nothing. If you found out that the Savior was already on the earth, what would you desperately want to do today, and what would you be willing and ready to do tomorrow?" This statement made me think a ton, if you knew the Saviour was coming for his second coming soon, like really soon, what would you do? What would you change? How would you act and think? Just some self reflection questions, it's interesting though. I'd ask each of you to prayerfully consider that!

another week gone by, tune in next week for a more interesting email hopefully! also late happy birthday to my grandpa! hope you guys have a lit week! count tender mercies this week! you know I love you guys! Don't fredette it!

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