Monday, January 23, 2017

The Hype Train (Week 23)

this has to be the most hyped I've been in awhile! things are going SO good out here and it's an absolute blast right now! still don't have a phone but we've been getting by and it's so sick!!!!

last monday was a good one. we all got together as a district, emailed, got lunch, and played chair soccer. not the most exciting day, but pretty fun. we tried contacting some people after and planned more for the busy week!

tuesday was a surprise exchange, I was with elder campbell out here in wylde green! a few appointments didn't show up but that ain't stopping us from rising and grinding out here! we got a ton of cool potentials that said to come back and a few were pretty solid! we also taught a lesson to a family that sister missionaries found a few weeks ago! the moms name is Syyyyy, the 8 year old son is axxxxn. They've been looking for a church and to grow closer to God and wow, they are so prepared for the gospel. It was amazing. Other than that we almost saw a fight break down at McDonald's, that was kind of cool I guess. Not much else but it was a good day!

Wednesday was cool. Elder Campbell and I did some finding in the Sutton Coldfield town centre. It was pretty cool, but not as big as Swansea's city centre. We met up with the other elders for some lunch later on and then elder Clayton and I went and visited a few potentials and stuff. Had dinner at a family named the Robertsons, they are super cool! They actually have kids my age so it was pretty fun to hangout and talk! After we went back to the mission home to start our exchanges with the APs.

Thursday was definitely one of the funnest days of my mission by far! The APs came with us to our district meeting in Walsall, and I gave a training on teaching repentance with love! It's so key, viewing others as Christ would, having Christlike attributes while teaching is SOO important! The big one I want to work on is patience! During lunch at the chapel in Walsall I realised they had something I didn't have in wylde green...a basketball court! You know I was hyped! And you know I balled up for a bit! I still got some Jimmer in me! Elder Searle and I after went out to Four Oaks to visit Syyya and Axxxn and they are both so cool! We did some knocking doors and someone actually let us in...but he wanted to bash big time haha! Both elder Searle and I tried to keep the lesson on point but he kept bashing us and i was like no way I'm bashing right now! I kept just bearing testimony and he got a bit more quiet after that cuz he couldn't take that away from me. Then we all went to BIRMINGHAM to get food and talk to people! I finally made it to Birmingham City Centre, I was so hyped cuz it's not in the zone so this was the one chance to go! We went to this super good Mexican place called Mission Burrito, and it was way good! I've never enjoyed Mexican food before but it's now one of my favourites! So hyped to hit up some good places after my mission in So Cal! Also got some five guys shakes! Then me and elder Searle talked to people on Birmingham College's campus and it was dark and quiet, I thought no way we get any potentials, but in ten minutes we got like 13 people wanting to meet up again! It was crazy! It was such a fun day! Elder Wagner and Searle are two of the funniest guys I've ever met!

Friday was a fun day but kind of slow too, we did a ton of knocking doors and at the end of the night we wanted to just go in for dinner, but we decided to knock on one more street, and we found a new investigator in it named Yxxt, she's way cool! We are seeing her again tonight! Goes to show that god blesses us when we go the extra mile!!

Saturday was a B L A S T !!! We went to Walsall to start out the day to do some district  finding in their city centre! I was with elder Garrick for half of it and elder smith (my first Zone leader in Swansea) for the second half, he was there cuz they were on exchanges with the Walsall A elders! It was cool to catch up on old times, and it's crazy how much I've changed since the first time I went finding with him in September! I love that guy! After that we were standing at a train station and I was probably like 15 feet away from Elder Clayton, and this guy just comes up and starts talking to me casually, and eventually the topic that came up was what we did, and he was asking a ton of questions about it and was really interested, so we set up a time to see him this upcoming week! It's so much nicer to start normal and then transition into the gospel!Then we went to Four Oaks to visit Syyya and Axxxn and wow they are so cool, I say it again and again, I love them! And they actually love America, it's always cool to see that! One of our lessons ditched out, but we still had one heck of a day!

Sunday was sweet as always, but it had a cherry on top this time! PxxJxx (Syyyy's partner), Syyya, and Axxxn all came to church and it was so sick! The ward loved them and more importantly, they loved the ward!! We are gonna meet up with them a ton this week, and they are coming to a DA this weekend! It's sick too cuz PxxxJxxxx is taking me and elder Clayton to the Belfrey for some golf! It's a super famous course out here that the Ryder Cup was played at! Other than church we did some weekly planning and visited some people!

A quick spiritual thought for your week: president Monson once said "If we are on the Lords errand, we are entitled to his blessings" When we are serving God and following his commandments and doing what he wants us to do, we can rely on him to bless us with the blessings that he has promised us in the scriptures and through prophets! We can ask for those blessings as we are doing what is right! and God will never forsake us!

It really has been a good week out here, im excited for this coming week! Also a big birthday shoutout to Brigham and Brittany Hill! Hope you both have killer birthdays this week!!

Hope you all have LIT weeks because i know i will! Love you guys! Stay safe! 😘😘

Elder Varner

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heres a ton of random videos from soccer, random park, drum set at the APs flat, and going with elder wagner and elder searle to mission burrito in Birmingham!

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