Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chas Mar! (Weeks 1 & 2)

Family and Friends!!!

The MTC is so weird! The social aspect is amazing, but its a weird transition! My pday next week is tuesday because next wednesday ill go to BIRMINGHAM! Thanks for all the emails! Keep them coming! they really are awesome! My emails will get a lot better over the main email and individual emails soon as i get an ipad in two weeks so i can write drafts every night!

So after i emailed last week we all went to tesco, which was suppposed to be like target but it was more like a grocery store, most dissapointing moment ever, but its all good cuz i bought shampoo(head and shoulders:thats the good stuff, id say i bought it to impress the sisters but thats apostate probably). And Elder Ey bought five nerf guns which would lead to some absolutely EPIC nerf gun fights!

Last thursday we went to manchester to proslyte(which is going out on the streets and talking to people!) It was pretty nerve racking but after an hour it got more natural! Lots of rejection but theres one cool story! We walked past a homeless guy and when i was 30 feet past him i felt impressed to turn around and give him my lunch(we arent allowed to give them money), and i started talking to him more and ended up giving him a book of mormon, cuz he said he loves reading, and he committed to reading and praying about it! I was so happy!

The days here feel the same to be honest. Ive had some crazy dreams here, like a huge wave coming to the mtc, and us teaching the cast of high school musical, over all the weirdest dreams ive had. ever. maybe its just in the food cuz lack of flavor. these english folks arent bad at cooking,  but there is usually never any flavor. The fish n chips here are INCREDIBLE though, like crazy!

On sunday we got to watch the film Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, which is amazing. You guys should ALL check it out! We also got to do a Q&A with some elders who have been out in the field for almost a year and i felt like a rookie hahaha

The teaching is getting more and more natural! My personal studies are getting better! I can feel Gods love for his missionaries! He blesses us so much here! 

President Preston have an incredible devotional on hope last sunday! Hope is very key as a missionary. hope that things get better! It made me think of a song lyric from Atlas Genius! It goes like this: I believe that there is light up ahead, I can see it through the words that you said

Those lyrics have been in my head non stop over the last few days! I miss music but its not the hardest thing to give up. The hardest thing is not being with all of you but the reunion in two years will be pretty sweet! 

Also, Im getting pretty good at ultimate frisbee, a true sport. I had some insane catches, like diving and in between the legs. Ive also picked up the nickname of Elder BYU because i always wear my BYU shirt when I ball out!

Oh! i almost forgot! The reason why this email goes by the name of Chas Mar is becuase it is something our whole district has been saying this week! Elder Gilbert has been saying it for years, apparently its some gardening store in georgia but he changed the meaning. Instead of saying Sweet! or Awesome! we say chas mar! Its the funniest thing in the world! Also, Danish licorice is AWFUL, never try it!

Life is pretty sweet! The church is true! God loves each of you! I know it without a doubt! I love you all! Keep the emails coming!

Elder Varner

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day One E-Mail

Family and Friends!!

I have finally made it to the England MTC after a ton of flying! It was so weird to leave yesterday because I thought I would be crying a ton, but i felt really calm! We met up with a ton of missionaries in Atlanta, but I still sat alone on a NINE hour flight to Paris, which was super long. I got a little sleep though which was good! I got a little homesick towards the middle of that flight but I got over it after reading some scriptures! Oh! I finished the Book of Mormon on the flight!! I felt so much peace!! It is SO true and changes lives!

I met an older couple on the flight from North Carolina and they were super cool, did i convert them? No, maybe next time!

Paris airport workers are super rude but i kind of just laughed it off because i remembered what harry from dumb and dumber said about the french. Maybe some of you will get the reference? haha

Food was decent on the flight.

I dont have too much time for today, but so far this has been such an amazing experience and the Lord LOVES his missionaries!! This church is true! I dont know when my pday will be either so if you wanna email me do it by saturday and I will see when i get to, i assume its monday. Sorry for the scattered thoughts, im just writing as much as i can.

I love the mtc, its beautiful here! Great weather so far!!

I LOVE you all! Have A GREAT WEEK!


Elder Varner