Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day One E-Mail

Family and Friends!!

I have finally made it to the England MTC after a ton of flying! It was so weird to leave yesterday because I thought I would be crying a ton, but i felt really calm! We met up with a ton of missionaries in Atlanta, but I still sat alone on a NINE hour flight to Paris, which was super long. I got a little sleep though which was good! I got a little homesick towards the middle of that flight but I got over it after reading some scriptures! Oh! I finished the Book of Mormon on the flight!! I felt so much peace!! It is SO true and changes lives!

I met an older couple on the flight from North Carolina and they were super cool, did i convert them? No, maybe next time!

Paris airport workers are super rude but i kind of just laughed it off because i remembered what harry from dumb and dumber said about the french. Maybe some of you will get the reference? haha

Food was decent on the flight.

I dont have too much time for today, but so far this has been such an amazing experience and the Lord LOVES his missionaries!! This church is true! I dont know when my pday will be either so if you wanna email me do it by saturday and I will see when i get to, i assume its monday. Sorry for the scattered thoughts, im just writing as much as i can.

I love the mtc, its beautiful here! Great weather so far!!

I LOVE you all! Have A GREAT WEEK!


Elder Varner

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