Monday, August 14, 2017

on top of the world ey' (Week 52, Rwibina, Cardiff, Wales, Elder Yim)

my homies! what's up! this week has actually been flipping great and this upcoming week looks even better!! wanna start this by sending some love to all of you. seriously thank you for all the support you've given me so far out here so far, it's been a crazy adventure and I couldn't have made it this far without you all. thanks for being the best friends and family a byu fan could ask for 😘 also a big shoutout to one of my best friends Ben Conover who is finishing up his mish this week!
i don't really know where to start. we taught a few more lessons this week than usual, but not the traditional ones where it goes super smoothly, lots of door step lessons. we have so many new friends and potentials but we are struggling to help them become progressing friends. we saw Dyyianne this week and let's just say that it was one of those too good to be real situations. her heart was harder this week. she still wants to meet with us but she says there's no way that she is coming back to church and that she doesn't read the scriptures because she already knows it all and she has a few more major doctrinal issues. she says she knows the church is true but I don't know if I believe that. members have told us it'd be best to stop visiting her because she wastes a lot of missionaries time so we are gonna give it another week or two and then make a decision. we are gonna try to commit her to reading and praying everyday because she has been so deceived, thinking that god told her to wait to follow some of the commandments. it's hard because I care about her and her heart is hard right now, but we will see how it goes. we knocked plenty of doors this week and met some really cool people. one cool experience, we were knocking doors and I saw a guy who was on the sidewalk walking towards us a few houses ahead and usually I'd just keep knocking but we ditched the doors and started talking to him and he isn't too religious but he wants to learn more about Christ because he's been through a lot and has some regrets, he's interested in coming to church especially, and that's where your boy DV came in and told him about the gospel. we are gonna see him again this week, it was cool to see god put people in our path because we weren't originally planning on working in that area but felt we should last minute. 

so much other stuff happened this week so here's a few honourable mentions:
  • exchanges with the zone leaders, Kinnunen and Dastrup, it was a blast. we visited Pxxaul Pxxace, a less active, who is the coolest guy ever, he used to be a boxer and he gives haircuts as well. we also visited the gxxoulds and shared the because of him video, I love how that video always invites the spirit, it testifies of Christ so simply, but powerfully
  • some guy named john showed up to church this week and he's visiting from...CALIFORNIA. it was so cool talking to someone from Cali again, he might come out with us this week
  • we went to a baptism of a young boy this week, jxxosh mxxaizey, who recently turned 8. it was so cool to see how excited he was to follow Christ. no wonder why we are told to be as little children!
  • and let's not forget the guy who screamed at me. we were walking to a house and I saw two guys working on a car and I asked if we could help, and one of them just gives me the look and after a few seconds screams at me full force "ARE YOU A MECHANIC?" alright I guess he didn't need help haha

i studied so much good stuff this week but my favourite was studying step 6 of the arp manuel which is about "change of heart". there's so much good stuff in there so I'd recommend you all to study it and I'll just share a quote from it. president ezra taft benson once said “The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human nature. …" how you may ask? first is to recognise your weaknesses and to ask for Christ to help you overcome them. once you have that change of heart and beat those interior demons, nothing on the outside can do anything to you, nothing else really matters so turn to Christ.

some of you skimmed this email and some of you just read a book of an email, thanks to you all. if you skimmed I guess in a sentence here's my week: IM ALIVE AND WELL AND AM LOVING LIFE AND THE CHALLENGES AND TRIALS THAT IM FACING, God is so good and I fetching love you guys 😘

Elder Varner

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pic 1: some welsh for y'all
pics 2-3: squad
pic 4: exchanges
pics 5-7: coolest place ever
video 1: jimmer or dallas?

Monday, August 7, 2017

ELY (Week 51, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, Wales, Elder Yim)

hey everyone!
how the heck is it August? I never thought August would come again. this week went by pretty fast and there were some great moments and some rough ones. i got food poisoning which is always fun but I'm feeling better now, I've officially started my dairy free diet so in a few weeks time I should know if that's the issue or not. I know that everything will turn out fine and I'll grow from this trial.

all of our investigators are on vacation for the month of August so that means we hit the finding grind hard this week! we found several cool people in the Ely (pronounced E-Lee) hood but I'll just take the time to talk about one new gator of ours. Her name is Dyyianne. She was just a number I saw in the phone and we decided to text her to see if we could meet up and to our surprise she said we could come over. So on Friday we went over and she let us right in. Dyyianne is a 78 year old woman who heard of the church 25 years ago, and investigated it for 18 years. She has a full testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restoration, in the front of her Book of Mormon she wrote "this is the truth". I was about to ask her right then why she hadn't been baptised, but I felt like I needed to wait and she kept talking about her history, she has faced and continues to face loads of persecution for believing what she does. And then the reason why she never was baptised, she prayed and asked god if she should and she said that he told her "not yet", which was 18 years ago but she won't pray and ask him again because he already answered her then, she also believes that there is no heavenly mother. She has to be one of the most prepared people I've ever met, and I know we can work with those concerns so keep her in your prayers, she's a miracle!

district meeting was sick this week, I gave a training on setting goals. we balled up on Saturday night and had a total of ten people at basketball and it got so lit! I felt like jimmer! Also just a few random things about Ely: there are 12 year old chav gangs everywhere and their parents don't care about anything they do, there are still posters up for movies that came out over three years ago, it smells like weed. But most of the people are much humbler than people that are in Rhiwbina itself.

this ward has been so amazing at feeding us it's unreal, we had dinner appointments almost every night last week. last Monday we had a family home evening with a family whose mom is less active and it was so amazing. we also ate with the maizeys, Verena, the winters, and Leon! we went to visit a less active man named Sxxtephen, he's in his late twenties and he's a convert to the church, he served a mission and was a stud of a missionary but just fell always for some reason. We are trying to work with him on resolving some of his concerns so we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it everyday.

the Book of Mormon is the best way to resolve doubts and concerns. Preach My Gospel says "All objections, whether they be on abortion, plural marriage, seventh-day worship, etc., basically hinge on whether Joseph Smith and his successors were and are prophets of God receiving divine revelation...The only problem the objector has to resolve for himself is whether the Book of Mormon is true. For if the Book of Mormon is true, then Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith was his prophet, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and it is being led today by a prophet receiving revelation." I'd invite each of you, who have some concern or doubt, to find out for yourself if the Book of Mormon is true or not. It all comes down to whether or not it's true, and I know it's true.

Love you guys, have a baller week! 😘🏀

Elder Varner

pic 1: cardiff city stadium 
pic 2: this picture doesnt do it justice, this hill was so flippin steep
pic 3: the jones fam
pic 4: found this tagalog book of mormon in our flat and thought of the brothas adam and garrett
pic 5: district lunch last pday