Monday, February 6, 2017

Jordan flu game? More like Jordan flu transfer! (Week 25)

Just call me MJ! i have the habit of just being sick this past transfer whether it's a cold or just my stomach feeling awful or whatever, but it's all good because I feel way better right now and I've been able to do the grind the past five weeks out here...and I'm LOVING IT! this week was amazing other than being kind of sick, but what I mean by sick the last few weeks is just not feeling 100%, but I'm still riding and grinding like MJ himself!

last monday was a pretty normal Pday, but it was fun! we emailed, we played chair soccer, and ate some food. nothing too exciting but my skills in soccer are getting better slightly every time I play! but you know, just gotta be patient, after all it's line upon line, precept upon precept. just gonna take some time til I'm the next Messi!

Tuesday was a super good day, like a really good day. We had to do some shopping in the morning, and then tried stopping by two former investigators, but both weren't home. And that takes us to 4:00, we were walking in this little town centre and some guy came up to us and started asking us questions about mormons and Joseph Smith, and I was pretty excited, until...he started talking about aliens and the mothership. that homie was on a whole other planet! haha, we went tracting before dinner and the fifth door we knocked we got let in and this super cool guy named Chxxs was super interested in everything. He hasn't believed in God in like 15 years, but he said he would read the Book of Mormon by tomorrow (from when you are seeing this), so we are seeing him this week again, he was way cool though. We had dinner at the Sharps, they are a really cool couple in the ward, and we had some good garlic chicken and fries. After that we went to Pxx and Syyy's and Syyy's niece was there and now she is interested in the church and so are two of Pxx's relatives, and they know so much now. They've ran into a ton of anti stuff online but they keep hold the the faith they already have and doubt their doubts! we all should follow that example they've shown so far and doubt our doubts!

Wednesday was sweet. We had our district meeting and then after that I went with elder blair to Walsall for exchanges. It was a pretty fun time out there, we knocked some doors, found a street named after the one and only Buchanan family, love those guys! We also went to ward Coordination meeting which was boring as heck because it was Walsall's meeting, not mine. 

Thursday was a way good day! We exchanged back and I was with Elder Zegara, from PERU, for the day because elder Clayton had a meeting with those who are going home in six months. Let me just tell you guys, elder zegara is a flipping legend. It was so fun knocking doors with that guy! We started talking to this older guy from Iraq, but he didn't look old, and he started talking about how not enough churches teach about the law of chastity, so we explained that we did and we taught him about that, the resto, and more haha. Didn't think I would teach a law of chastity lesson in the middle of the streets but hey, I was wrong! We also found a guitar in someone's front yard so we jammed out for a quick minute, check out the video below! By the time me and elder Clayton met up again, we had our ward coordination meeting and then went by Pxx and Syyy's for an hour and answered more questions and stuff!

Friday wasn't a great day and not much happened at all, it wasn't too bad, just nothing happened.

Saturday was an amazing day though! we did some district finding in walsall in the morning and I went with elder Garrick from my mtc group and it was a blast out there! we went to subway for lunch and then went to a baptism that Walsall was having, that Dxxxy guy I talked about like a month ago! It was a great baptism and I was happy to be there! Pxx also came and checked it out and loved it too! Then a guy named Jay Bishop, he came to Swansea in October, and his family took me and elder Clayton out to a carvery place. Such a funny guy so it was a blast! Then we tried setting up some appointments and stuff but nothing from that really, and then we met up with some members from Coventry who wanted to see Elder Clayton for a bit. It was a fun day, highlight was the baptism!

Sunday was good too. Church was amazing and Pxxx came too! Syyy stayed at home cuz her kids were sick again, but we will see them a few times this week! One thing that stuck out to me a lot in church is how the only thing we take with us after we die is our testimonies and who we were, not any possessions. just something to think about! after church we went to go sing 'How Great Thou Art' to a lady from the ward in the hospital. tears came to my eyes as I saw how happy she was to see a group of five of us singing that song, and the Spirit was there no doubt. we then visited a couple from the ward, the hammonds, they are really nice so it was fun to talk to them for a bit. he's a byu fan so that's sick as always! i also met a fellow 49ers fan which was the first time so far for me out here! Riley Glenn would be way hyped if he was here, this guy was a proper fan! Haha. Then we went back to our flat and weekly plan and clean and stuff. ''Twas a fun day.

In other news, elder Wagner called me yesterday and told me that I'll be training a new missionary starting this upcoming transfer which I'm both excited and way nervous for, but I know that God will guide me through everything if I put my trust in him. I don't know if I'll be staying in Wylde Green or whitewashing an area, I find out Sunday night so stay tuned!

This all leads into my spiritual thought for the week! As I got the news, I couldn't help but feel inadequate, and after feeling like this for a bit, a scripture came to my mind, ether 12:27, which says "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." I know that God will lift us above our weaknesses if we let him. He will lift us through weakness and challenges and to something greater than we could ever imagine. It takes faith and work, but he does truly turn our weaknesses into strengths. I can testify that this is true.

keep the emails coming, I love them! this next week is gonna be good, I can feel it and I'm absolutely hyped about it!?! I gotta run and show these homies how to golf again cuz the first time wasn't enough apparently haha, DV classic mission edition round 3! Love you guys! Don't ever fredette it!

Elder Varner

ps. jimmer is the best in the world and anyone who says differently needs to rebuke themselves and admit that he is the true king of basketball 

also a few people asked for my address to send mail to so here it is!

187 Penns Lane
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
England B76 1JU
United Kingdom

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well i promised more pics so heres some pictures and videos ft. elder zegara and the video of me playing guitar and we both sing a song haha, some cool old churches, the district, dxxx's baptism in walsall, JAY bishop, and more including the best sports play of all time in honor of the superbowl, and the pdf version of the why 1820 talk, which i talked about last week!

-the guitar video might come in a little later, sorry guys!

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