Monday, February 13, 2017

Duces Elder Clayton (Week 26)

well dodge night came yet again, this transfer was by far the fastest of them all! so elder Clayton will be a district leader in Lincoln, I'll be staying to train and I'll be with an elder from France whose name I can't spell to save my life for the next week while we wait for the new group to come in (he's training too!), elder Ohare will be a DL out in Coventry, elder Garrick and campbell are staying in Walsall, and elder blair is going to chelmsey wood with one of my favorite people ever, elder Ey! 

oh my days last monday was so fun haha, honestly I just laugh thinking about it all. our district and the zone leaders, elder smith and elder Wallace, went golfing and if you have any clue how golf can be, you can imagine how slow a group of 8 golfers is. no, we didn't split up into two groups. 8 people-one group. I can't even do it justice how slow it was, after four holes we just gave up, but it was so much fun just cranking it out for two hours with everyone! other than that and emailing, PxxJxxx took us out to a carvery and then we went back to his house and talked more with Syyya and her niece Cyyyy and her boyfriend Joxxsh, it was a good time. it's nice to show them too that we are normal people because most of the people in Sonia's family think we are just weird crazy people.

Tuesday we went to visit Axxxlex, he's a former investigator that we've seen a few times, but he said he was recommitted to meeting us and is now on a baptismal date for March 25th! he's really excited about it which makes us excited! a few lessons flogged but Tuesday night was low key SICK! we taught seminary! words can't even describe how much I miss seminary, I truly had AMAZING teachers: sister Sanderson and Campbell, and Brad Cook! it was so much fun to talk about the restoration with them and I feel like they learned something and I know I did! after that there was a young men's activity and they invited us to come which I was way hyped about! we all did exercises for an hour and then made a big dessert thing and did a contest to see who would do best, I got second 👍🏿 it was so nice to be in young men's again haha, I miss it so flippin much!

Wednesday was fun! We had zone meeting in the morning/afternoon. It was good, my favorite part was the fact that there was a BASKETBALL court there, don't worry, your boy DV still has game! we had dinner at the Fell's and then went to PxxxJxxx and Syyyya's. We showed them the Scott Sterling videos too and they were dying! 

Thursday was pretty good! I had a trainers meeting in the morning, basically just went over how to train a new missionary. It was cool and way cool to see elder Miner again, I miss that homie so much! not much else happened until that night when we went over to PxxxJxxx and Syyyya's. They made us stir fry which was pretty good too!

Friday was a day of visiting potentials, we set up some return appointments, found a new investigator named Kelly who's cool, not much else happened to be honest. 

Not much happened on Saturday because elder Clayton had to work on some of his college app essays but PxxxJxxx picked us up and surprised us by taking us out to a quick few rounds of pool and one round of bowling, which was fun, don't worry your boy DV won two games, we talked to him about how he felt about the church, and he loves it so much, it's so cool to see how the gospel changes people in such quick periods of time. I feel so blessed to have been able to witness this. Later that night we went out to dinner with PxxxJxxx and Syyya, and Connor and Rosie OGrady from the ward. They took us to a super nice curry place, way generous of PxxxJxxx cuz it had to have been like £15 a dish, it was amazing and it was a fun time! Also it snowed today so me and elder Clayton had a few mini snow ball fights, he got some good hits, but I got the last laugh! Haha

Sunday was pretty good, it had its ups and downs for sure. Church was great! PxxxJxxx and the fam came to church! The ward loves them so much! It's so cool! We went over to the Mace's for a nice roast lunch! They are huge soccer fans, or fútbol, so I am learning a lot more about how it all works here haha. After that we went back to our flat to clean, plan, and stuff. I started to feel super nauseous at one point, and I asked elder Clayton to give me a blessing. I am so grateful for the priesthood. That blessing helped me so much not only physically, but spiritually. I felt gods love so much during it and I can testify to you that priesthood blessings work. Also it was DODGE CALL NIGHT, which I already talked about haha

It was a really good week out here, I can't complain. I wasn't really sick this week, just nauseous at some points, but it always gets better. I think I just got some weird virus thing at the end of last transfer and it's semi messed with me this transfer, but I'm overall starting to feel better, don't worry guys, I'm alive and well and am LOVING life so much right now!! :)

I've been thinking a lot about attitude this week which leads into my spiritual thought for you all this week: president Hinckley once say "There is a terrible ailment of pessimism in the land. It’s almost endemic...I come … with a plea that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I’m suggesting that we accentuate the positive. I’m asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment virtue and effort." I couldn't say it better, there's so much pessimism out there in the world, people who can't see the good in life, people who tear down people who are happy, I'd ask each of you to look for the positives in life, I promise you, that even in your hardest moments of life, that there is something to be optimistic about, guarantee it! Love life and look for its opportunities! Plus you have more fun when youre optimistic, that's one of the biggest things I've learned on my mission so far :)

it's time to ball out like jimmer right now with the district one last time before transfers, lets all have a LIT week as we are more optimistic! love you guys, you're all the best valentines a guy could ask for! 😘

Elder Varner

pictures and videos of...bowling, elder miner, elder griffin and the korean sister, a picture with the ogradys and PxxxJxxx and Syyya, and snow! and golf and the Fells DA (the one that clayton took a selfie for)
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