Monday, February 20, 2017

The Season for Everything - Six Months - Congrats Jake and Kendra (Week 27)

well I've had better weeks, but I've also had worse weeks. This week was a week of feeling sick a lot, but grinding it out and still having a blast. I don't think I've laughed this much in a week ever. elder clabaux is a legend! ive officially been in the UK for six months now, it has been the hardest and darkest six months of my life, i have had some of my lowest lows, where i didnt think i could take it anymore, that being said, it has been the best six months of my life, where ive felt Gods love the most, some of the happiest moments of my life have been here, my testimony has grown, and honestly it has made me a believer in myself. 

last monday was kind of an emotional one, not even as much for me, but seeing other people tear up makes me tear up haha. we went and played some basketball in walsall and of course, I still got game haha, and if you think I don't just FREDETTE ABOUT IT! I'm pretty sure Jimmer's birthday is this month so a big bday shoutout to the biggest baller of all time. we went to the O'Grady's and Pxxx and Syyyya came too so they could say goodbye to Clayton. We hung out, and all sang some hymns together. If you knew me back home, you knew I hated singing anywhere, but I love singing hymns here, nothing invites the spirit more. It was an emotional night. 

Tuesday was a weird one, total blur. we just hangout at the flat in the morning and by noon we were at the mission home for transfers. it was way fun to see people like elder hill, terry, Miner, Ey, the list could go on for dayzzz! also said goodbye to Elder Hatch and elder Hellyer, both super cool missionaries who finished their missions last week. also pretty sad to say goodbye to elder Clayton, it was one heck of a transfer, I'll miss that kid a ton. Elder Clabaux and I headed back to the flat to get settled, we had a few appointments flog us but it's all good cuz we did the normal grind and knocked some doors, found some cool people who have some potential, and went to the Owens for dinner. It was a pretty good day, but change is so weird. I get so comfortable with an area and a companion, so change always feels totally life-changing haha, but it's all good.

Wednesday started kinda rocky, just felt nauseous for it, when we went to the mission home I asked Sister Leppard about it and she said to keep a food log for a few weeks so we could track what is making me feel so crappy, then I can see a doctor for it. It was dumping rain the entire day until we left the mission home so that was a tender mercy for it to stop! Haha, we went to try to visit some referrals but they weren't there so we went over to PxxxJ and Syyyya's, had some pizza, and talked with them for awhile, it was a good night in the end!

Thursday was good! We left pretty early to get to our district meeting in Walsall but it was a sick meeting, I gave a training on baptism doctrine and it really made me reflect on how baptism isn't the end goal, it's really the beginning, we always have need to progress and become better, receive temple blessings, partake of the sacrament every week, that's what enduring to the end is. We did some district finding there and I went with elder Garrick, it was pretty funny, found some cool people for them to go back to. We went back to Wylde Green and visited a couple in the ward whose name I can't spell to save my life so yeah haha, they're cool, we knocked doors for a bit and found a few really cool people, one family we are seeing again tonight!! I'll update you guys on that next week! We went to our flat to eat dinner and contact people on our phones for the rest of the night.

Friday was a super busy day, we had zone conference with the Birmingham Zone in Wylde Green, it was SOO nice to get to talk to elder hill more, it's so cool to see him out here. The zone conference was pretty good. One thing I really liked from it was when President Leppard said that God expects just as much from us as we do for our investigators, it gave me a different perspective which was cool. By the time it was all over it was like 3:00, we went and painted someone's house for a few hours and then had ward coordination meeting and dinner, it was a good day out here!

saturday had some miracles while knocking doors! we went to visit a potential and he actually let us in to share the restoration, I literally forgot for a second what we were supposed to say haha, he was a really cool guy. we met a few other really cool people who committed to reading the Book of Mormon. There was one point in the afternoon right before dinner where I just felt super nauseous, and all of the sudden a wave of homesickness just hit me so flippin hard. I hadn't been homesick since last year but all of the sudden I was just not in the mood and I felt literally sick, well we kept knocking doors and this Jehovahs Witness lady answered the door, and it was the last door before dinner, I was not in the mood to debate her, so after she tried to prove her point to us, I bore my testimony to her that I did not come out here for two years to be converted, I came out here because I have a firm testimony that God loves us just as much as the people in the times of the bible, and because of that he has modern day prophets, well she didn't say anything after that, but she did invite us back. Sharing testimony in all situations is so key cuz it lets the spirit work. After that we went to dinner at the O'Gradys. I still felt sick but was able to make it through the dinner. Let me just say that the O'Gradys are some of the coolest people ever, it's members like them that help me keep going.

Sunday was a much better day, church was good. Syyya invited her sister to come to church, she lives in Wales, so she came and by the second class she was in tears because she felt the spirit so strongly, we got her set up with the missionaries out there. It's so cool to watch the gospel change people's lives, god truly does prepare people. during the third hour of church we got to spend it with the young men, which I was sooo excited about! we are tight with the YM president and he wants us at all the activities now, and we are really working now to create a stronger program, including a mini mtc! After church we did some knocking doors and then went to PxxxJ and Syyya's for dinner, it was a good day.

This past week had its ups and downs for sure. I felt sick a lot this week but it's all good, I've been talking to sister Leppard about it so I'll go to a doctor soon to figure out what the heck is going on, she told me to go on a completely gluten-free diet for the next two weeks, so if you have any good gluten free food ideas or anything, PLEASE tell me ASAP! but don't worry, your boy DV is still having a blast and is working his tail off! God is good! 

as for a spiritual thought, I'd challenge each of you to watch the "Because of Him" video, and to think about what Jesus Christ means to you personally. I've mentioned this video before but I loved watching it this week so much because I know, no matter what I'm feeling, that Jesus Christ knows how I feel, and is standing next to me in all things. Because of Him, i can get through hard times. Because of him, I can repent and become better. Because of him, I can live with all of you beautiful people again. Because of him, I stand here preaching to the people of England and Wales, that they can return to their families and God again.

major bday shoutouts to Ben hill and Riley Glenn. Two of my best friends in the world, I'm a bit closer in distance to Ben right now than Riley, but nevertheless, I love both of you guys and hope that you see this.

i fetching love you all. look unto Christ in every thought, doubt not, fear not ️️

Elder Varner

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pictures of TRANSFERS (sorry i cant caption which is which), also some pictures with PJ and Sonya, district meeting, and some more! and also the wedding! congrats jake and kendra!

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