Monday, June 5, 2017

i ain't done here yet! (week 42, Wylde Green, England)

Family and friends,

I can't believe it's flipping June already! That's so crazy! A big congrats to all the homies who graduated high school last week! This week had some ups and some downs, as does every week. I think one of the most applicable song quotes out there for my time here is "I've had the highest mountains, I've had the deepest rivers, you can have it all but life keeps moving", it's so important to just keep a good attitude about everything cuz we don't get to choose what life throws at us! 

The work for us this last week was a rough one, we had to stop meeting with a lot of our investigators out here because they either lost interest or wouldn't keep their commitments so this upcoming week is all about the rebuilding of our teaching pool! But I'm hyped! There's so much potential for this rebuilding time! I know that as we continue to work our hardest like we have been, and keep relying on god, good things will come!

We got to do exchanges with the Walsall Elders and the Zone leaders this past week. I went with elder scanlan for the first exchange in Walsall. He's from New Zealand and is such a beast missionary! We had to feed some lady's cat and she said if he wasn't inside we'd have to let him in, well the cat wasn't in the flat, so we went out to the front yard and saw a black cat, so for 20 minutes or so we tried luring this cat into the flat with snacks and stuff but we kept scaring it away, eventually we gave up only to realise that her cat was just hiding in another room and we tried luring in some totally random street cat...

The second exchange was with elder opheikens who is a beast as well. Me and him went to Wolverhampton where we got to knock doors and visit some less active members. We had knocked like five doors and then all of the sudden we had realised that we hadn't said a prayer to start out so we prayed and then bam! the next door we knocked was a really cool Christian family from Ghana that let us in and share the restoration with them. It was a really cool lesson and the kids were super in to it! The dad even called the Book of Mormon the word of god and prayed for us in the closing prayer!

Random funny story: we were standing outside someone's house waiting to go to a dinner which was around the corner, and all of the sudden this big African guy comes out of his house and says "hey are you guys from the Mormon brotherhood?" He then led a ten minute discussion, where only he talked, about how we shouldn't call anyone African Americans unless we start calling ourselves European Americans. To be fair, he was a cool guy in the end, and he acted all star struck when he found out I was from Orange County.

We had some sick dinners at members houses this week like the maces and the robertsons! This ward is amazing, transfer calls are next week. I'll be sad to leave if I have to, but I'm ready for something new as well. This upcoming week is gonna be great and I'm gonna work as hard as I can so I can leave this place with a bang! I ain't done here yet!

This week I followed the homie's lead, Trevor thompson, and started studying from the addiction recovery program Manuel and that thing is pure gold! The first step to overcoming any weakness, whether it be an addiction or just a weakness of ours, is to be honest with ourselves and with god. Ether 12:27 says if we humble ourselves before god, he will make our weaknesses become strengths, I'd encourage you all to take the harder path and recognise your weaknesses and rely on god, because he will help you if you have an open heart!

Have a great week guys, pray for the world, we all really need it at a time like this, that attack in London last weekend was tragic. Spread peace and love and remember that I love you guys! 

Elder Varner

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pics 1-2: squad goals
pic 3: maces DA
pic 4: the home boy ashwell
pic 5: the things we run into while tracting...
pic 6: reunion with campbell
video 1: frogs be like...
video 2: bday punches for elder kinard

video 3: tim tam slam!

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