Monday, June 19, 2017

croeso i cymru! (Week 44 Rhiwbina, Cardiff, Wales - Elder Mason)

Fellow BYU fans! What the heck is up?! Thanks for tuning into another episode across the pond! This last week has been a weird one to say the least! There were some high highs and some lower lows, it is so hard to leave an area. Honestly I thought it was hard leaving Swansea, but leaving Wylde Green was even harder, I'm so grateful for everyone in that ward, it really did become home to me and I made some amazing friends there, but I'm sure I'll grow to love this ward as well! Wales can't get enough of me I guess! And I've been out for ten months now! The time is flying!

Boy am I happy to have been transferred to Wales at least! The people here are so nice, even when they reject us they are nice. One guy yesterday opened the door and said he wasn't interested but he'd be more than happy to give us an ice cream bar. The people are just pleasant here. 

I managed to work my way over from Birmingham and switch platforms twice with two suitcases AND a bike, I definitely won a medal for that. Nah, only reason I was able to do that were some super helpful people that God sent my way to help me, I have no doubt about it that He sent angels my way to help me! I was greeted by elder Mason and we got straight to business! This area is so clutch! We have a university on the border of our area that we are gonna start using and the people are so friendly. The sun has been shining like crazy this week as well! It's been a warm welcome back to Wales indeed, literally it's like burning. 

We've had a lot of success for this first week of the transfer! We are currently building up a pool of people to work with, one of which accepted a baptismal invitation for the 29th of July! His name is Txxommy! We have a lot of work to do with him and the others so stay tuned. Every Friday is football Friday out here so we played some fĂștbol last Friday, I am still straight garbage at it, but it's all good cuz I redeemed myself at basketball, which we play every Saturday night. We got a nice 4v4 going, I only had church shoes to wear to it (semi-long/boring story) but I still balled out with some nice mid range drainage. We are like a 2 minute walk from the chapel so we are gonna start going a few mornings every week to ball out for an hour!

Just one other cool experience: so we went to visit the Gould family the day after I got here. They are members in the ward, and their 33 year old son passed away from cancer two weeks ago, leaving behind a wife and three kids. We were talking with brother and sister gould and as they asked about my family, I got to share a bit of my experience with my mom passing away. They asked me questions about how I dealt with it, if it ever gets better, and we just had a real heart to heart convo. Tears were shed as we shared testimonies. I shared with them D&C 130:2 which is all about eternal families. At the end of our visit, he asked me with tears in his eyes "do you think you were sent here to help us through this?" I've got such a strong testimony that  Jesus Christ leads not only his church, but his missionaries, I know that he inspired President Leppard to send me here and that the Gould family is one of the reasons I'm here. We attended their son's funeral, which had over 600 people present, on Saturday and brother Gould told me that he was so grateful that I'm here to help them through this. I've had some of my most spiritual and emotional experiences in the last week. 

This week for my personal studies featured chapter 2 of the ARP Manuel which is all about hope. Having hope that Jesus Christ can really heal us and cleanse us from sin and hope that we can live with our families and god again. In it, it used a scripture I loved! It's alma 32:27, which says "But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words." Gaining a testimony and strong faith can come from even simply a desire. I know that my testimony came simply from a hope that my family could live together forever, and that hope grew into what now is my testimony. Alma 32 is such a beast chapter as well!

mae'n ddrwg gennym ar gyfer yr hir e-bost! cael da wythnos! Rwyf wrth fy modd i chi guys! edrych at Grist ym mhob meddwl, amheuaeth beidio, nac ofna 

Elder Varner

side note: for the last sentence, translation errors may occur due to google translate

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pics 1-3: last pday ft the homie hill and a fam pic
pic 4-7: farewells to the ogradys and pj/sonia, the moreton fam, and the owens
pic 8: duces kinard!
pic 9: reunion with miner before he flies back to the promised land!
pic 10: sweet golf course we live near

pic 11: in the front, the homies kinnunen and langi, in the back we got your boy DV and elder mason

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