Monday, March 27, 2017

What A Joyous Day It Will Be (Week 32 Wylde Green, England)

this has to be the fastest week of my mission, no lie guys! it's been a pretty good one so sit back, relax, kick back to a chick fil A shake, and enjoy this latest episode from across the pond!

reliving the glory days
well there's two different things I mean from this! first off, last week we had mid-trainers meeting (a half way meeting for those who are training and being trained) and there was also a new trainers meeting so I got to see Elder MINER AND CLAYTON! I was beyond hyped! Before the meeting we had to give some missionaries who were there early, streets to knock and stuff and elder Miner was there so me and him got to relive the glory days for an hour! I miss that guy so much, Swansea was the glory days. And also I guess I'll talk now about the new transfer elder Garrick is going to Leicester zone, elder Galarga is going to Coventry, and coming into this district is...ELDER HILL, like BEN HILL from back home, we will be in the same district and will even get to do exchanges at one point this upcoming transfer, the hype is unreal!! And elder Clayton will be here for a week as well while he waits for his new companion to come in so we got the dream team district for the next week!

dr Phil in the HOUSE
the mission is cool because it's full of firsts and I had a few of those this last week. PxxJxx and Syyyya are doing well, but on Wednesday they had some argument going on so no joke I played dr Phil when we were over there, I could totally replace that guy cuz With the help of the spirit, their argument and problem got totally resolved with each other. Nothing too new with them though, their wedding is in under three weeks now which is crazy! the time is flying so so so fast. all of the other people we are meeting with aren't too solid so I'll skip over them for this week. We are working with a recent convert too that just moved from walsall, his name is Dxxxanny, I might have mentioned him last week, but he's a super cool guy, had a hard past, but he's working his tail off to change his life and he's such a good person. his prayers have to be the most sincere prayers I've ever heard, it feels like he is pouring his heart out to god whenever he prays. If we all prayed like that we would be so far ahead of where we are now.

a witness in Walsall
we had district meeting in walsall on Thursday so we spent the night on Wednesday. i went undefeated in darts too. always a fun time. After district meeting I went on exchanges with elder galarga from Ecuador which was pretty fun. no joke I could be a witness for someone out here cuz we were walking around and a car was driving past us, two girls in the car, and the one in the passenger seat was crying and all of the sudden the driver speeds up and the passenger hits her head on the window and gets knocked out, i guess that's walsall for you though. for my bday district dinner last Monday we went to nandos as well.

study time just got real
oh man, so i read recently the President Nelson Young Adult Fireside that he gave in January, and in it he challenged everyone to study every thing the saviour has ever said, and I decided I'd do that so I started from the topical guide and this week I focused on the bread of life part of it. It's so good, I'd recommend to all of you to study more about Christ, and you'll feel his love stronger than you ever have before.

Spiritual thought:

We are almost in flipping April already, that's mental, I was thinking a lot about Easter actually and what it really means to me, and I'd have to say that the greatest gift we are given is the fact that we will be resurrected. Elder Johnson of the Seventy said in conference last April, "I am grateful for the blessings that are ours because of the Atonement and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. For all who have laid a child in a grave or wept over the casket of a spouse or grieved over the death of a parent or someone they loved, the Resurrection is a source of great hope. What a powerful experience it will be to see them again--not just as spirits but with resurrected bodies."  We've all lost someone in our life, someone who we loved deeply. While I know many who have lost loved ones, friends and family, I want to focus on two. In life we all go through our own trials, some of which might be physical disabilities and disease. Brad Cook was my seminary teacher for two years, and he is also one of my best friends, he's told me a few times of his story with Tavi, and I can't even imagine the joy he will feel, when he sees her in a perfected state, free from all manner of limitation. I also think of my mom. 11 years ago from yesterday, my mom passed away from breast cancer. Her trial included countless doctor visits, pain, bedrest, and more. As hard as it was and is to not have her here anymore, I can't wait for the day, where I'll get to see her and be with her again as she is in her perfected state, free from the disease that caused her so much pain and suffering. What a joyous day that will be. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and all he did. Because of him, we will all live again and overcome death.

Hope you all enjoy conference this weekend, check it out on on Saturday and Sunday! ALL of you! I love you guys, let's get it this week!

Elder Varner

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pics 6, 9: miner reunion
pics 1-2: the homie searle 
pic 5,10: cool memorial thing in walsall with gallaraga
pic 4: birthday dinner at nandos 
pic 7, 12: the main man dxxanny
pic 8: farewell to elder cohen
pic 11: hammonds DA
pic 3: the man from new zealand himself, elder gaffney

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