Monday, April 3, 2017

conference pow pow (Week 33 Wylde Green, England)

what is on the up and up my friends. I can't believe that it's April already! We're 25% done with 2017, feels like it just started too! AND the new easter video, #PRINCEOFPEACE is out now on so check it out! i also sent it as a video on this email! I have to start this out by saying a quick happy birthday to the homie Keller Brown and my lil cuz Noah! Love you guys! 
could've, should've, would've 
I don't know if it's this time of the year in America but right now in England, it's one of the most celebrated times of the year, and no I'm not even talking about Easter, I'm talking about McDonald's Monopoly season. A season where everyone seems to go to McDonald's wasting their money in hopes of getting some sort of prize that would just be cheaper to buy than to try winning in this. I'm personally not playing monopoly at mickie d's but the rest of the district is, and they are getting pretty into it. I ate at McDonald's twice last week and I'm guessing the rest of them did every day. well elder Jensen is only one game piece away from winning a PS4, not that we could use it out here anyways, and I got that game piece last week but I threw it away not thinking about it but we would've had a PS4 to sell if I was a bit wiser haha.
the weekend update: the grind
well this past week was a pretty good one for our friends out here learning about the gospel. PxxJxx and Syyyonia are getting married in under two weeks, which I can't believe it's already come up, and baptised the week after that! They are pretty excited about it and so is the ward! They've started praying as a family every night now, which is so key guys, if you don't do it now, do it, or rededicate yourself to it. Daily family prayer unifies our families together and also unifies are families with God, I'm so grateful for my family, who instilled this principle with me my entire life. Axxlex, who I've mentioned a few times, has really dedicated himself. He's been reading every day and even came to a session of general conference which he absolutely LOVED! We took out Cxxonor O'xxGrady for a lesson with him which went super well. looking forward to more to say there! we did, as every week, some knocking doors and some town centre finding which went well. we found two really cool couples that we will see this week and some others who I'll talk about next week if anything happens there! 

the weekend update: the rise
this week has also been a way fun one too! to start out we had two super fun dinner appointments with the Robertson family and also with Bishop Mason and his family. Boy are they funny, probably the funniest people I've ever met, and I'm  to exaggerating that in the slightest. If I could sit at a dinner table with them for all of Pday just for the comedy aspect of it, I wouldn't be writing this email right now. I'll give you guys an example of just one of the million jokes he cracked on Saturday night. So after the first session of conference, which ended at 7 here, we were waiting with bishop mason and his daughter molly to take home one of our investigators, but he was talking to a lady in the ward, and molly told her dad that we were never gonna leave cuz this guy was talking to this lady in the ward, and bishop Mason said "give her ten minutes, she hasn't been to the bathroom in an hour. the bladder is the most predictable organ." And I was just dying, that wasn't even close to the funniest thing he said that night but I'll say the rest on another occasion. we went to young men's again on Tuesday night and for mutual they...These guys are hilarious, check out the pics below!

random stuff
we had interviews this week with president, which was great as always. I love this area because I see him like 2-3 times a week so I feel like I actually have a personal relationship with him now, it's amazing. we balled up twice in walsall this week. I always think I'm getting better at soccer, but in reality, I don't think I am, but oh well, just gotta keep working at it! 

groundhog day 
I can't believe it's been six months, six whole months, since the last general conference. Those six months flew by, I remember being in Swansea for the last one so well, and I remember just as well being home last year for Aprils conference. General Conference as a missionary has been one of the greatest things I've experienced out here. My focus both times so far has been so much better and I've been able to take super meaningful notes. So for conference out here, because we are 7 hours ahead of Utah, works like this: Saturday-we watch the Saturday morning session live at 5:00Sunday-we watch the priesthood session recorded at 10am, the Saturday afternoon session at 1, and then we watch live the Sunday morning session at 5, then we are responsible for watching the Sunday afternoon session on our own time, which I'll do this week! It was so amazing hearing from our beloved prophet, President Monson, and his counsellors, the twelve apostles, and other general authorities. Isn't it incredible how Jesus Christ leads his church through these incredible leaders? In Amos 3:7 it says that God will always reveal things through his prophets, and we know that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so why wouldn't he speak to prophets today? To those who believe that God wouldn't do such a thing in this time, I'd ask you this: does god have the power to talk through prophets today? of course he does you might say, well then do we have no need to hear from him? Of course we need him now more than ever you might say. Then maybe he doesn't love us like he did in times of the bible? Of course he loves us you would say. Then I would say to you, and testify to you, that God can and does speak through prophets and apostles today. Christ runs this church today through these dedicated men, and by listening to them and applying their counsel, we can make it through this hard thing called life. We can find joy in all the aspects of our life. I know that we can find out for ourselves if god still speaks through prophets by asking him in sincere prayer, we can know he actually appeared to Joseph Smith by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it.  I promise you won't regret it. Greater happiness and comfort lie ahead of each of you as you choose to follow the prophet and the Lord's other servants. 

well that was long, but I hope it all touched you in some way. email me and hit me up with what was your favourite conference talk! plus I haven't heard from some of you guys in ages so hit me up! have a good week and don't fredette that I love you guys!

Elder Varner


pic 4: dinner with the masons
pic 5-7: squad pics
pic 8-9: making england great again
pic 10: pday with the bros
pic 11-12: duces wagner!​​​​

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