Monday, April 24, 2017

Guns and Baptisms (Week 36, Wylde Green, England)

family and friends, 

what's good guys? ok I wanna start off with a quick experiment and if you are reading this, please go with it, if you are reading this shoot me an email saying anything cuz I'm kind of interested to see how many people read these emails still! anyways, it was a swell week out here and the weather was even comparable to back home. I got sunburned again for the second time out here, and I just found some sunscreen in our flat so I'll start using it, soon enough I'll have a nice tan going haha. eight months out here has made me even whiter than I was before. 

there was some cool stuff that happened this week, with every week, there are hard days and good days, and this week I think I had some of the highest highs of my mission and some of the lowest lows. I found out from the doctor what the result of my blood test was, I tested negative for H-Pylori, which might sound like a good thing, but if I had that, then I would just take medicine for a week and be done, but now I have to keep trying medicines and stuff. I'm not gonna lie, that was pretty sucky to find out that this still won't be fixed super soon, but I just have to have patience and faith that everything will work out in gods timetable, it always does. 

alright enough with the bad stuff: this week PxxJxx, Syyonia, and Axxiden all got baptised and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! Elder Clayton baptised PxxJxx, I had the privilege of baptising Syyonia, and Elder Campbell baptised Axxiden. They all had to be baptised twice because their legs all came up the first times around. It was so funny when Axxiden was getting baptised because out of everyone he is the smallest so we all thought he would go under the easiest, but his leg shot up out of the water and elder Campbell just reached over and shoved it under haha, it had to be redone, but it was pretty funny in the moment. The show up was really good for the baptism and elder vieter did the confirmations for all of them, him and his wife are serving here in the office. It was so cool to see them all after church yesterday, they had a light about them that is almost indescribable. They've gone through so much in their lives, especially PxxJxx, and it's almost a complete 180, and I'm so grateful I got to witness this change first hand. They are some of my best friends in the world and I love them to death. All of the times getting doors slammed in our face, getting sworn at, getting threatened, made fun of, just everything, that's all worth it in moments like this weekend. 

We were getting on the train this week to go somewhere and these teenagers were just acting so stupid, a few of the girls were throwing food at us, and they were all just harassing us for being from America. But you know, they are just jealous because they wish they could live in the land of the free and home of the brave haha. I don't even get mad when people harass us, I just try to view them as god would and then all that hate and anger turns into Christlike love. One cool tender mercy, we were leaving a visit at the OGradys when out of nowhere this guy comes up and stops us, asking us if we were christians, we started talking to him and set up a return appointment, and when we went he actually let us in. He told us of how he never really tried religion seriously, and how something was missing in his life. He's a way cool dude. Speaking of a member visit, we had some sick ones this week. Shoutouts to all the homies who fed us this week: PxJx, the Owens, the Ruberys (pictured below), and the Rudds! We literally have a DA every single night this upcoming week. God bless the Wylde Green Ward!

At one dinner this week, we were just talking, and the dad just left the room and came back in with a MASSIVE gun, it was flipping crazy, it was so random and I just had no idea what to say. Other than that nothing too funny for the week. 

I studied the restoration a lot this last week and Jospeh smith's first vision. Of course with that, I thought a lot about the Book of Mormon. After reading, and re reading the Book of Mormon, I can agree 100% with this quote: "No wicked man could write such a book as this; and no good man would write it, unless it were true and he were commanded of God to do so" I know that there is no way that some uneducated young man could make all of this up, that he could have just made up the Book of Mormon, without leaving behind errors that would prove it wasn't true. Joseph Smith sealed that book with his life. He wouldn't have given up his life for a book that wasn't true, he wouldn't have looked to it for comfort in his last moment alive if it weren't true. The Book of Mormon is true, it came forth the way Jospeh said it came forth, from God. No other book can bring you closer to god. I would exhort each of you to take a serious study of the Book of Mormon and to watch it work wonders and miracles in your own lives, I know it has for me.

I fetching love you all. Look unto Christ in every thought, doubt not, fear not 

Elder Varner

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pics 1-8: baptism pics 
pic 9: ruberys ft. second amendment
pic 10: victorious
pics 11-15: still got black hops 

ive been sending so many pictures lately, but hope some of you enjoy the extras this week

pic 1: elder clayton reunion
pic 2: mix tape is dropping this june, get it anywhere
pic 3: this cat was just chillin on top of the car and it was giving me the death glare while walking up to take this pic
pics 4-7: zone meeting pow pow
pics 8: seeing the homie jensen

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