Monday, March 13, 2017

Mexican Turn Up (Week 30)

man I really cannot win with my health, I've had mild food poisoning on top of my already existent stomach problem for the last 24 hours, but...this last week has been one of the best and most fun weeks of my mission! here's what happened in the latest episode across the pond!

mexican march
GOAAALLLLLL! out here for the young men, all the activities this month are Mexican themed. so this past week we all did "Mexican football", which is literally just soccer but using an American football instead while wearing sombreros and mustaches, mines was real though 😉 I also taught the whole YM program how to play three flags up so I'm gonna get them hooked on American football soon enough. I love getting to be with the young men in this ward, missionaries back home in the flintridge hood helped me so much before coming on my mission and I always wanted that chance to be a good example to other young men and help them get out on a mission, and I'm getting that chance here! more to come with Mexican march next week...

the best work in the world
the grind went sooooo well this week! miracles left and right! I'll start out with our teaching pool! PxxxJxxxx and Syyyya are still going strong! nothing too new for them, but we continue to meet with them in prep for their wedding which is next month!!!!! the ward is doing such an amazing job of fellowshipping them too! we are still working with Alex on reading the Book of Mormon, which he is, now it's just getting him to church. as for finding new people, we found so many cool people this week. one really cool lady, her name is Jyyackie. We met her in her garden as she was working on it, and she happily invited us back. She's an older lady, and long story short, she really just invited us back to feed us some cake and talk about life, we taught her the whole restoration lesson and at the end of it she told us she really wasn't interested in learning more, but still wants us to stop by if we are in the area. another cool couple we met, pretty young too, nxxxick and ayyylicia. we went by for our appointment with them and when we knocked on the door and told them who it was through the door, they seemed surprised and said to give them ten seconds to tidy up, and then as he was opening the door, he was also putting on a shirt, and she was in a robe so if we get far enough with them we'll have an interesting lesson on the law of chastity haha.  not too much else this week that's out of the ordinary.

breaking ankles
on Saturday we went to Walsall to play sports with our district and PxxJxx, Jxxosh (Syyonya's nieces' boyfriend), and Axxiden and some other guys from Walsall. It was a blast, we played football at first, like soccer, and believe it or not, I'm actually getting a bit better at this game, I scored a goal, like a legit cool one, where I totally faked out the guy. Also played basketball and drained some shots like Jimmer! is he still balling out in china or is the season over there?

district turn ups
on Friday we had district finding and also district meeting with interviews with president leppard! I love interviews with P-Leppard! it's so nice being so close to the mission home too because I feel like I'm getting closer to him, it's nice to grow that relationship! other than that not much new for the district, every Monday we ball out now though so my game should be back to 100% soon enough, probably before my health gets back to that haha.

Book of Mormon
This week I've really focused my personal study on reading the Book of Mormon and it has made all the difference, my study has more focus and my testimony of the Book that we share with others all day has grown so much. so many people just tear down the Book without even giving it an honest attempt. This last week, it had brought so much peace and assurance. I'd challenge you all to set aside time every day to read from it. Also got to watch the face to face with elder Holland and president eyring, it's on and I'd HIGHLY recommend it to you all!

updates on the crib
we had spring cleaning last week and now our flat looks 736592649373% better, it was so flippin messy before, now we can actually see the ground, just kidding it wasn't that bad before,  it was pretty close though.

random ish
the weather has been actually nice this week, like I saw the sun on every day and even wore a short sleeve white shirt one day, summer be coming! oh my days we were at the Owens for a dinner, and out of no where brother owen brings in this hand grenade that he bought off these two older ladies earlier, and his wife saw it for the first time when we did. ill be honest, the pin was still in it and im pretty sure that those ladies were dilusional and that it was an active grenade, but hey, im here still so maybe i was wrong.

here's a spiritual thought on hope that really means a lot to me. in an older conference talk, elder Holland said "Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. Of that I personally attest." I know that even when times are hard and we feel like we are hopeless and stuck in whatever situation, that there is light up ahead. good things always come to the faithful, god has promised it time and time again and he always keeps his word. the faithful will receive blessings, rest, and happiness, whether that be in this life or the next. keep holding on and don't give up. good things are to come.

thanks for tuning in for another week. weird to think it's been a year since turning 18 but I'll be flippin 19 on Sunday! church turn ups haha, well I gotta go, love you guys more than you know!

Elder Varner

some photos and video of balling up with the district, mexican young men, nice cars, and grenades

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