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Spread be Spreading! (Week 19)

happy Boxing Day guys! even though that's just a thing here, it's like our version of black friday. this last week had literally every emotion: hype, no motivation, happiness, homesickness, quickness, slowness, excitement, disappointment, but had the spirit the entire way through. it's been a fun week out here nevertheless!
last monday was sooooo sick, like amazing. we all went with kayleigh on a cool hike thing and it was gorgeous, wales is one of the prettiest places ever, i love it! shaun fish met up with us after that to play sports at the church and like i said last week, i still got game! we got back to the flat and i remembered the chick fil a sauce recipe i got earlier, so i made it and tried it! it was so good, like as good as the real chick fil a sauce!!! the hype was way real and now it's spreading through the zone and maybe even the mission soon! let it spread like wild fire!!!! so sick!

tuesday was rad! we started out the day meeting with Kxxx and her mom who is now interested in learning more! The lesson went rad and I'm hyped for the future! Not much in the middle of the day to be honest, but we ate dinner at Royston's and it was AMAZING as always, I love that guy. 

wednesday was pretty fun, kind of slow, but fun. we went with Kxxxx to go show people the Christmas video and that went ok, people were so busy so it was hard to get people to talk, I thought this was the time people liked Christ more haha, it still went ok tho! we taught this new guy named Mxxxs and he seems down to learn more! we will see him this week, he's an interesting dude, he's from Nigeria and at the end of the lesson he asked for 50,000 copies of the Book of Mormon or bible. I asked why and he said he wants to share scriptures with his people back home, this homie is a way better missionary than me! haha! also we had a miracle, this chick named Exxa texted us back after two months and said she wanted to come to church so we are hyped to see if it goes anywhere! 

Thursday started out pretty slow but it picked up! we spent most of the morning waiting for an electrician to come when we wanted to go talk to people so that sucked, but we went to the Hole's for lunch and it was awesome, these members are rocking right now for feeding us, maybe it's cuz it's holiday time, but still it's sick, and I've still lost like half a stone (7 lbs) this transfer so you know I'm hyped! after that we did some work at the church and we went back to the city centre (center is spelled centre here, I think I said that a while ago, but just a reminder), and we weren't too motivated to go work cuz it was raining and no one really was down to talk. Well we went out to a less active part member family and we decided to knock some doors before to at least show God we were gonna work even if we didn't want to, and bam! two return appointments! so tight! then the family we had been trying to get a hold of for months was home and let us in! they are so cool! hard work brings miracles, God notices us as we go the extra mile, in all aspects of life as we strive to be more like his son, Jesus Christ.

Friday was kinda boring to be real, no one really was down to talk so we just stopped by some members and went to sports night, a few elders came down from Merthyr to spend the night cuz we had a zone party the next day and that was fun. Elder Hatch from Utah and elder gafney from New Zealand, we stayed up so late just talking! Missions are hard, but they have some awesome parts as well. Like where else would I have the chance to be with a Swedish person, a Utah kid, and a New Zealand guy in the middle of a big city in flipping Wales just chilling at our flat? No where, missions are rad!

Saturday, or CHRISTmas eve! Such a sick day! We had a zone Christmas party and it got intense! White elephant, nativity scene, and a ton of fun games that people almost got hurt it, like one we had to all run to a chair to get a peace of paper and find someone who had the same one, and people were pushing and shovin! So sick! We had ward coordination party edition at five guys and then sang carols to some people, we also did secret Santa and sister Romero got me Krispy Kreme donuts! Jeez so much junk food! Then we had a ward carol service which was great, the spirit was so strong and it brought a tear to my eye. Christ lives! After we went over to the Hole's for an after party with the Roberts and it was such a blast. Gotta be one of the top three days of my mission, I loved it!

Christmas Day, or Sunday, was pretty sweet! We opened letters and packages in the morning, then went to church for an hour, and then went to the Roberts! It was so sick, the food was SOO good. So much food! Then I got to Skype the fam which was fun, it went by so fast though, and it got me a little homesick to be real. Then we all just hung out and talked which was cool, I love the Roberts!! Pretty fun Christmas Day!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent letters or packages to me! I love you all so much! They meant the world to me!! For those who forgot, If you still wanna hit me up with a Christmas or New Years card it's not too late lol!

Also I thought I'd do something extra cuz some of you may not know some of these missionary terms I use:
Ward coordination: a meeting with people involved with missionary work in a ward(local church)
Zone: a group of missionaries in one big area
District: a smaller group of missionaries in a smaller portion of a zone

Spiritual thought: this weekend is gonna be the start of 2017! so lit!! so I got a few pieces of advice for you from across the pond. a) don't do anything stupid this weekend, just don't, be smart. b) many of you will come up with New Years resolutions, and if you're like me, you say you'll do something and then stop two weeks later haha, I would challenge you to come up with some meaningful New Years resolutions this upcoming year, especially in coming unto Christ. Some of you are Mormon, some are other sects of Christianity, some are atheist, and some are of other religions: no matter what religious belief you do or do not have, I would challenge you all to draw closer to Christ this upcoming year. A few possible ways of doing this? Treating others as he would, as a precious child of God. Visiting the lonely. Serving others and being an example to others. You can draw closer to him as you study from scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, there is power in that book. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is evidence that Jesus is the saviour of the world, that he lives, that Jospeh Smith saw God AND his son Jesus Christ, side by side. It will draw you closer to Jesus Christ and God more than any other book will. 

well it's time again to bid farewell for another week. we find out what's happening next transfer this Sunday night so I will let you all know next Monday if I'm staying in Swansea for another six weeks or if I'm leaving. either way I want to express the love I have for this place, I really love it here and I don't want to leave at all to go to a new area, but I'll go where the lord wants me to go, and we will find out on Sunday. I love you all! Ill talk to y'all again next year!!!! Have a good New Years and stay safe!! 😘

elder varner 

video 1: crazy game where we had to make animal noises and pair up with the person making the same animal noise as us, like musical chairs, but crazier!
video 2: me popping bottles at the Roberts for christmas dinner!
pic 1: royston
pic 2: liberty stadium, where swansea city plays
pic 3: the newest american chef
pic 4: swansea city afc
pic 5: the homie aaron
pic 6: ward coordination party at five guys!
pic 7: skype is hype!
pic 8: christmas with the roberts

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