Monday, December 19, 2016

Teaching English to Refugees - Video with Elder Ben Hill - Meeting Professional Stunt Double - Food Poisoning Didn't Stop Us (Week 18)

Well, there were a lot of lessons to be learned this week, the first is that I'll never go bulimic, I mean I already knew that, but I was reassured this week how much I hate throwing up and being sick. and the other lesson was being sure that I can still ball out and get my Jimmer on! Check out the video attached of me making a three at the Cardiff chapel! I wish Swansea had a basketball court like that! I made my first five shots and my head was high above the ground after that! tell coach rose (byu basketball coach) to just sign me already!

honestly nothing to report on for last Monday other than emailing, but Tuesday was a blast out here! we went to Cardiff to have a zone conference with us and the Cardiff zone! Such a blast getting to see some homies including the homie elder hill! we attached a video to this email of us! also elder Garrick hooked me up with a Mountain Dew kick start which is unexistent here! Haha. We got back kinda late so we went with the Sister missionaries to go help refugees learn English, and that had to have been one of the most eye opening experiences I've ever had, those refugees were the kindest and most humble people I've ever met, in a short hour I felt so much love for all of them there, I hope I never forget that experience. other than that, we talked to Kxxx for a while, she's still so solid! She got called to be a ward missionary which makes her the only ward missionary in the ward, she's getting ready to go do proxy baptisms at the temple soon too so the hype is real for her right now! 

Wednesday was fun! We met with this guy named Axxxxh and he was a homie! Loved getting to know him more, don't know where it'll go, but we will see! After that we met with Kxxxx again which was fun! And then we did some unsuccessful tracting (knocking on doors), but it was weird, because even after constant denial I was just so happy being able to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon, it's true guys, I'll go more in depth on that later. Then we went to the church to meet with James Martin, one of the coolest guys in the ward, we all went to visit less actives and the first lady we talked to said we could come visit this upcoming week, the second was a family that said we could visit again (only the dad is a member, but has three young kids!!), and the third wasn't interested in religion, but he is wayy cool! His name is Chris Bromham, stunt double in Street Hawk which apparently was a super popular tv show back in the day, and more. He holds a few WORLD records and jumped with his bike over EIGHTEEN double decker buses! The guy is a legend! So freaking cool! It felt like I was talking to the guy from Hot Rod!

Thursday we started by tracting a lot, like so much, we found a few semi solid people to go back and visit, but not too solid, we are gonna work hard this week again on that, it takes time! We went with Will Roberts to help Kxxxx at her house, that took up most of the night and we also went to a food place that was kind of like Johnny Rockets, it was pretty good!

Friday was decent I guess, it was a rough day up until late afternoon when we went over to see Shaun Fish and his family, after that we knocked some doors, which wasn't too bad, and then the ward Christmas party! Oh man that was a blast! Well, until later that night, I'll explain...

Saturday started out so freaking rocky, we were all sleeping over at the zone leader's flat and me and elder miner stayed up just talking, reliving the glory days of the trio and more! Well I woke up at 3:00 am feeling super sick, I literally spent the next 3 and a half hours awake feeling like I was gonna puke, but didn't until like 6:10 or something, and jeez I felt so much better after that, I hate being sick with a passion, I think I got food poisoning from something at the Christmas party. I hate puking, definitely never going bolemic...throughout the day I switched constantly from feeling super sick to super good, but me and elder Holbrook worked hard, and he was sick too! Nothing stopping us out here! I loved going tracting with him, and then we met up with a few others to go to five guys for my FOUR MONTH mark, I know, not too much, but four months, that's decent! Haha, I only got a shake and fries cuz I wasn't feeling up for a burger, and the only food I had besides that for the day was an apple and a cookie. I went to bed at like 8:30 too 

Sunday was amazing as the usual! Church was good! I felt pretty good, my stomach still hurt, but not as bad. We visited DxxxKxxx again to bring him the sacrament and cuz it was his birthday! We got him a card and everything. On the way to his house, a car pulled up next to us and it was Kxxxxxamil! He's a recent convert who works at papa johns, and he asked what kind of pizza we wanted, and he put in an order and said it was on him, well we get back to the flat and thirty minutes later we got a pizza delivered to us that was HUGE and a cookie pizza thing and sodas, miracles are real! The homie hooked us up!

Well it's time for a spiritual thought, I was thinking about sharing a typical thought on Christ, which is still amazing by the way, but I decided to share on something else. For all of you who have read the Book of Mormon and have been touched by it, share it with others, give out a copy, do something! For those of you who have heard of the Book of Mormon, but haven't read it, read it. To those who are not Mormon but may be wondering why the heck I'd give up two years of my life to serve a mission, the Book of Mormon is the answer. For those who haven't read it, it is evidence that you can hold and read, that Joseph Smith truly did see God and Jesus Christ. It is evidence that God is real, and that he loves you. It is evidence that families ARE eternal. It brings comfort, peace, and safety for the soul. As you read it and pray about its truthfulness, you will know for yourself that it is true. If you haven't read it but want to give it a try, contact me and I can get you a free copy of it to check out, I promise you won't regret it. To those who have read it, read it again, continually. It brings peace during good and hard times. I know that it's true, it's brought me peace in my darkest times, and indescribable joy in the best times. Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is true, it is another testament of Jesus Christ. Families are eternal. Christ lives and he lived and died for each of you, he is the reason for the season. He is the reason for every season. This Christmas season and New year, I'd invite you all to invite him into your lives and try to be more like him, and as you do so, you'll feel joy you never imagined.

To everyone who got this far in the email, you guys are amazing. weird to think I'll be skyping my family in SIX days?!?! I love you all so much, and I hope you have a lit Christmas cuz I know I will!

Elder Varner

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pics include zone conference, the homie ben hill, me balling up in basketball, an awesome hike feat some sweet future album covers!

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