Monday, December 12, 2016

Preaching in a Cathedral (Week 17)

guys I don't know how, but it has been ANOTHER LIT WEEK! I'm so hyped up right now, and to top it off, I'll see Ben hill (one of my friends from back home who is also serving in this mission) TOMORROW! You know I'm hyped about that! this week had some miracles, funny stories, and more! check it!

not much to report on for last Monday. we kebabtised sister romero, which was a mistake because it left us all feeling like crap, kebab shops are the worst things ever. But I guess you just gotta do it for the vine...or the email! 

Tuesday was a pretty good day. We did a lot of finding but we will see if that was any good this week when we actually meet up with them. we went over to the Hole's house, a member couple, in the ward. they fed us bangers and mash, which is mashed potatoes and sausage, it was SOO good, no joke, they are such good cooks! following that we went to institute which was fun too, so weird to be around young people again! a lot of people thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses, not a super fun day, but not a bad one.

Wednesday was actually pretty fun! We had zone meeting which was cool, my favorite thing from it was definitely the spiritual thought that another elder gave. He talked about how if Christ was walking on the streets, he would never walk past someone and not say anything. It really made me think because as a representative of Christ, I shouldn't just walk past people. It reminded me of the scripture talking about how us walking out here with the gospel means nothing if others are walking around us not having the chance to hear about it. Definitely gave me a new perspective. After zone meeting we knocked some doors and visited some potentials, none of the potentials were able to meet, but we found a really cool family to potentially teach later on, read more to hear more. After all that we went to Syyyy's house to share a quick message but ended up talking about deep doctrine and life for an hour. Syyyy has to be one of the funniest guys I've ever met, when he moves to America we'll party it up in P-town all day every day!

thursday was so lit! we started by showing a few of our potentials the Christmas video. as we were visiting those potentials, we stopped by one potential whose name is Cxxx. we knocked, and another college kid answered and we told him what we were doing and all of the sudden five college students come to the door and start laughing and start calling out to [] Cxxx []. I was ready to just give them a pass along card and leave, but then they invited us in. Turns out the reason they were laughing was because they all thought that we wanted to record cxxx for a Christmas video, not show her one. that was hilarious, and such a huge misunderstanding haha. but all six college students wanted to watch it so we showed it and the spirit totally punched the room in the face and those students were way impressed. they were super interested in why we were out as missionaries and just interested in us as people, we are gonna try and stop by to see them soon cuz they actually liked us. it was such a cool experience, even if it doesn't go anywhere, planting seeds like no other is the plan! we saw Kxxx and talked to her about family history and then we went to Royston's house for dinner, which was incredible as always. It was a good day. 

oh boy Friday was fun! we met up with Dxxx for a lesson and we didn't know where to go, so he took us to a cafe in a Catholic Church. Do you know how awkward it is to teach a lesson and talk about Mormonism in a quiet Catholic Church with two Mormon missionaries and a guy who strongly dislikes the catholic religion? Well, it's awkward cuz everyone was just staring at us, but oh well. one of our lessons flogged so we went to go knock doors and we ran into...Shaun fish, it was cool talking to him for a bit! then we knocked doors on a street I felt an impression to knock on from a few days previously, well we knocked one side of it and there were some miracles! one girl wanted to see the video and I think we will stop by again soon! we got some cool potentials! two of them were super nice and asked if we would be willing to come again which was cool, but only time will tell to see if they become anything other than potentials, but they have potential! Haha. we ate dinner with miner and holbrook and then went to play chair soccer at the church for sports night, which was cool but I got no game in soccer at all!

Saturday wasnt too bad, it was raining the entire day but we had a few miracles still! At lunch we decided to text a ton of people and a less active part member family said we could see them next week! That'll be rad! Also a former investigator said he wants to meet up again! After all that stuff we went to visit some potentials and see the family we met earlier in the week, they are from Estonia, wherever that is, they were super kind, they loved the Christmas message! I don't think they are too religious but they should be hitting up the Christmas party this week! It'll be a rager no doubt!

Sunday was good! They always are! Church was sweet! After that we went to take the sacrament to a few members who were sick/unable to go to church and the spirit was so strong as we delivered it to them. They all have such amazing hearts. We knocked some doors too but not too much happened there, it's hard to gather motivation on Sunday afternoons cuz p-day is the next day haha, but we worked through it! This upcoming week we are really gonna try to find solid new investigators, not just for the Christmas video thing, but to really teach! 

As always I'll end with a quick spiritual thought! In the last general conference, David A Bernard gave a talk called "If Ye Had Known Me", if you haven't watched or read it, do it! My favourite quote from it is when he said "We often testify of what we know to be true, but perhaps the more relevant question for each of us is whether we believe what we know." This struck me a lot at first, and I thought about it a good amount, and then it sunk in. So often, we tell other people that the gospel can bless their lives, that they can feel comfort and be forgiven of sins through the atonement of Jesus Christ, but when we are going through a hard time, when we mess up, or anything else, it can be hard to recognize that the atonement can actually work for us. Always remember that the gospel and Christ's love is so individual to our needs and situations, trust the Lord, the gospel works. Believe in what you know!

a big thank you to everyone that emails me every week, I love you guys! a big congrats to my step bro Jake and his fiancé Kendra on making things official! welcome to the fam Kendra! also, I heard byu is playing Wyoming in the Poinsettia Bowl game soon, should be an easy win for the Cougs cuz Wyoming is garbage in football! haha no chance of victory for them! rise and shout, the cougies are out! 

well, it's that time again, thanks for tuning in for this email, have a legen-wait for it, and I hope you aren't lactose intolerant because the next word is-DARY! LEGENDARY week! Love you guys! Stay beautiful! 😘

Elder Varner 

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