Monday, October 10, 2016

Sunny With A Chance Of Rain (Week 8)

October 10, 2016

Well, another week has passed, and it's been another great one full of miracles left and right. To everyone who thinks my emails are too long, I'm sorry haha. So BIG NEWS: we found out over the weekend that transfers are this Friday so elder Mthethwa might be leaving because he will only have three weeks left and the mission home is far away, so we will either be in a trio or I'll have a new companion. Also...a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming to speak to all the missionaries in our mission next Monday the 17th...Elder Quentin L Cook!!!! Which also means I will not be able to email next Monday, but I'll be able to email next Tuesday most likely!

After emailing last week, us and the zone leaders went to a place called the Gower to visit with one of elder Mthethwa and elder miners old converts, the family's name is the bxxxs. The guy is named Jxx, this guy is freaking crazy, he's one of the funniest people I've ever met, no filter what so ever. Super generous though, they bought all of us lunch and dinner, and the Gower was stunning.

Tuesday was a sweet day. We had some member visits and a great lesson with a cool guy named Jxxxn, he's 21, things are looking good for that. We did some service at some man shed thing which was kind of weird to be honest, but oh well. And we had dinner with Royston and Fiona, I sent a pic with them a few weeks back. These people are my absolute favorite. We spent three hours at their place eating and talking, which is two hours too long to be at a dinner appointment, so we are gonna set up appointments at 7:30 with them so we can say we have to leave for curfew, but they are so funny, and super generous, Royston is like 78 apparently but he has the energy and personality of a guy in his 20s. We all jammed out to some gospel choir, and it was an amazing night. And happy birthday dad! Don't worry, I didn't forget. Also, total miracle for the day, we were walking back from town and we saw the sister missionaries sitting on a bench with a member, and they had been trying to get a priesthood holder so they could give this member a blessing, and the other elders just told them they couldn't at the moment, and we walked up right at that moment and were able to giver her a blessing, their prayers were answered, and I saw, first hand, how the lord directs are paths.

Wednesday we really didn't do anything too much, just a lot of finding people to teach.

Thursday we had district meeting, and then some finding and talking to people at the city centre, it was crazy, after awhile I was getting bored and tired of talking to random people, and right when I said a prayer to regain excitement, the next person we talked to said he'd love to meet up again and talk more! Man, God answers prayers guys. He does, if I've learned one thing out here, that's it, but I've learned more too. We also met with Kxxx again, man, she's so fetching solid, she has her mind set on the 29th for baptism and she's gonna do it! We were walking through city centre back to our flat around 7, and I saw like over two thousand college students and there was a dj and I got so hyped. Finally, people out past 5pm! And I couldn't do anything, but I was pretty excited to see that this city had some night life. 

Friday, a member took us to an all you can eat place which was really good. We met with Axxxn after and a new investigator named Axxxa. She's had a really hard life, like crazy hard, but she really wants the gospel because she knows it'll bless her life, she told us she wants to get baptised, wow. She wants to aim for November 12th, flip...miracles, so many miracles.

Saturday not much happened, we talked to a few Chinese students who seemed interested. We also had another lesson with Kxxx, wow, she's so solid. She asked us how much baptism cost, and when we told her it was completely free, she seemed so relieved but she said she was ready to drop like £1000 on it no big deal, that goes to show how solid she is.

Sunday was my first real fast Sunday of the mission, fasting can be hard because I get headaches when I'm dehydrated so it was hard towards the end, but I felt a lot of peace from it. Testimony meeting was the strongest spirit I've felt so far on the mission, I loved it so much. Kxxx and Axxxa both came to church and everyone there loves them, they are pretty much part of the ward already. It was a good day, but man I was exhausted after. Oh and the Flippin gospel principles teacher asked us Saturday night what we wanted him to teach the next day, he said she would. And then that homie didn't show up, so I totally had to wing a lesson but it went well, next time I'll make elder Mthethwa do it haha

Spiritual thought of the week: in conference last week, Elder J Devin Cornish said the most powerful and inspiring thing I have ever heard in my entire life, he said "I witness to you that if you will really try and will not rationalize or rebel--repenting often and pleading for the grace, or help, of Christ--you positively are going to be “good enough,” that is, acceptable before the Lord; you are going to make it to the celestial kingdom, being perfect in Christ; and you are going to receive the blessings and glory and joy that God desires for each". Wow, wow, wow. Elder Cornish has a way with words, you'll know what I mean if you listened or watched that talk, he is so uplifting. We have a promise that if we try and repent, that we will make it to the celestial kingdom because of Christ's grace. He said it the most straight forward I've heard it. We all have things we've had to repent of before, but even after repenting, we may sometimes still feel as if we will never be able to obtain the celestial kingdom, but through christs grace, we CAN! This is the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ! This is the best thing on earth! If you have repented of something, but are still struggling to forgive yourself, keep following Christ, I promise you the relief you seek will come, I know that for me, forgiving myself takes time, and that's because repentance is not an easy thing, it takes time, the consequences of mistakes can last a life time, elder Cornish said that too, but he said that as we repent we will positively be good enough!

This week has been great, my confidence has risen so much it's crazy, I feel confident to walk up to absolutely anyone and it's sweet. Life is good and it keeps getting better. Pleas please continue sending words of encouragement, there are hard times, and I do love to read the emails, so if you are emailing me, keep it up, if you haven't, try if you can haha. Now the reason I call this email Sunny with a Chance, no not the old Disney channel show(but gold star for you if you remember that), it's because Swansea is supposed to be one of the wettest cities in the U.K., but it has been SO sunny this week, it's been quite great. No rain at all for the last 8 days!!

Have a blessed week! Love you all! zàijiàn!!!!!

Elder Varner

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