Monday, July 24, 2017

duces mason! referral from sister draper (Week 49, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, Wales Elder Mason|Elder Yim)

Hey everyone!
What is on the up and up! Hope you guys have had a great week! Thanks for tuning in again! This last week has been a good one but boy have I felt sick at some points, just with nausea. So I think I've pin pointed it all down to me having a dairy allergy so I'm currently trying to cut out dairy and that seems to help, I just need to give it a few weeks. I went to Asda to get some dairy free cookies which also don't have gluten, so the cookies are dairy free, gluten free, egg free, wheat free, and they are also free of happiness...hahaha. Just kidding it's not actually that bad, it tastes pretty good. And sister wadsworth brought me some dairy free brownies today so that's cool.

I had a pretty cool tender mercy on Saturday. So we were on exchange with the zone leaders and it all went pretty well, but I was feeling pretty sick, and at the end of the day I got off the phone to one of the other missionaries in my district and I saw a text, well it was from the referral centre in Missouri and it said it was from a sister draper. Well we kept texting about the referral and at the end she asks "are you the elder varner from California" and then it hit me that she is Rachel Draper, like the one from back home. So that was pretty cool to get a text from someone I knew from back home. There were also multiple times where I felt a bit low and in those moments I saw rainbows, and I really felt like Tavi Cook was right there with me helping me push on.

We had a Book of Mormon fireside yesterday after church which went pretty well, we made a mega Book of Mormon for it (picture attached below). It really is the keystone of our religion! Our teaching pool is actually pretty solid now, no new news for them for the last week though. We visited the Gxxould family again and we shared 1 Nephi 1:20 with them and I really felt God speaking through me, and there were some things I said that I don't think I've ever said in a visit, but I felt led by the spirit. 

Only funny thing for the week was we locked up our bikes to a pole and when elder Mason went to unlock it the key snapped, so we spent the next hour trying to figure out how we were gonna get this lock off cuz we were kinda in a sketchier part of the area. Well after loads of time we finally got some tweezers and got out the key, used the spare key and somehow unlocked it.

This week I studied out of chapter 4 in the ARP Manuel, what a great chapter! It was all about truth and being honest with yourself and the lord, one way we can do that is through keeping a journal. It said "When you prayerfully write about your life, you give the Holy Ghost an opportunity to help you see and understand the potential lessons that come from each of your experiences." I can personally attest to this, when we write about our experiences the Holy Ghost can teach us lessons. I've had so many of those kinds of experiences out here! So go keep a journal and be honest when you write in it. When you aren't being honest the only one you are hurting is yourself. When we are honest, that's when god can really help us to improve and overcome!

Oh I almost forgot! I'm staying here for the upcoming transfer and will be getting Elder Yim from Hong Kong! Elder Miner trained him so I'm hyped! It's gonna be a blast out here! Elder Mason is going to Leicester. Best of luck to my brotha Adam who is headed out to the Phillies this week! Enjoy it man! Love you all! 

Elder Varner

pic 1: DA at the winters
pics 2-3: district meeting
pic 4: giant BOM
pic 5: fam, youll never believe it, i bought (on my own will) a...salad on exchanges 
pic 6: birthplace of the author of charlie and the chocolate factory
pic 7: cool view 
video 1: america!

video 2: DA at the maizeys, elder mason was acting as samuel the lamanite

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