Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fallen Pizzas and Unleashed Beasts (Week 15)

This area is gonna be so lit this week, I can already feel it! It's the week that determines how meaningful our finding efforts have been for the past few weeks, we have been working our tails off so miracles are around the corner!! last night was transfer calls and here's the dodge for our district: elder sinclaire and I are staying here for another transfer! we are hyped to say the least! Elder Miner and Sister Wadsworth are both gonna stay here too, which means Elder Smith and Sister Gjevik are leaving, which is pretty sad. especially to say goodbye to elder smith because I feel like we got pretty tight the past transfer, I hope I can serve around him again one day, that kid is a legend! probably the second coolest Smith I've ever heard of behind the original Joseph Smith.

Lst Monday wasn't the funnest Pday ever because...rain. all day every day haha. it wasn't too bad of a day. We went to go visit a cool castle but it turned out to be closed so we got ice cream, in the freezing ice rain, but it was good. after that we made our way to the church for emailing and hangin out. following our Pday we didn't know what to do because it was freezing and raining so we went back to the flat to work on the area Book and we set up a ton of appointments so it should be fun! also, I failed miserably. all I wanted to do was to make a frozen pizza, and I guess I didn't read the instructions too carefully, because before I knew it my beautiful pizza fell apart before my very eyes. a video is attached below: but warning: it may be too crazy for children. looking back on it, it was pretty funny I guess haha.

Tuesday was so LIT!! both our lessons flogged, but we all went to get lunch with the other elders for Elder Smith's birthday, which was fun! I feel like I'm one of the youngest missionaries out here...because I am one of the youngest. straight out of Compton? No. straight outa high school? yeah. the first week I was here, we ate at some random Chinese place that I said I'd never eat at again, well, that's where we went for lunch, and I regret it all over again, it did not sit well with me...at all. after lunch we did some tracting and four pretty cool people invited us to come back and share the Christmas video with them, then we went to do some member visits, and between one of them, we were walking past some college flats, and I really felt like we needed to keep on knocking doors even though I didn't want to because it was freezing cold and pitch dark, but we did anyways, and what happened next was a MIRACLE. The first five doors we knocked, all five of them cheerfully invited us back to come again to share a message. The spirit is real guys, and I'm so happy I listened to it because we met five super cool people that I'm hyped to see again!! It was a miracle!! One funny story while knocking doors...I opened up the gate to the front yard of someone's house to knock their door, when all of the sudden some devil dog just comes out of no where and almost bites me, luckily with some quick reflexes, I dodged it, and the owners were just staring at me through the window and they started laughing so hard! that husky dog and its owners got NO chill! haha

Wednesday was another sweet day! We hit up the knockin doors game for a bit and found a few sweet people! after that we went back to the flat for lunch and then went to help out at Kayleigh's house. And to end the day we went to Royston's house for an amazing dinner and even some entertainment haha. A video is attached below of all of us dancing to some interesting music haha. Man, I love that guy so much, he's so down to earth, and he's such a funny and energetic guy.

Thursday wasn't a bad day, but not too much happened at all. We had district meeting, and then we found one pretty cool guy to teach next week, but not too much else.

Friday was pretty fun. We had to be inside for a lot of it because someone was coming to fix our heater, but we hit up the former investigators and less active lists SO hard! I probably sent over 100 calls and texts, we got a few replies and a few said we could meet up again soon! I think the key for this upcoming week is building up a teaching pool again cuz we need more than three people! After all that, we went to the church for a...THANKSGIVING dinner activity thing!! While the food wasn't super amazing thanksgiving food, there was good food and it was a blast seeing some Welsh homies celebrate an American holiday! It was also reconfirmed to me that Dave Roberts is probably the funniest human on earth. And he also promised me that when he visits America in a few months, he's gonna bring me back a bunch of chick fil a sauce and he'll ship it out to wherever I am, that's a whole other level of being a bro.

Saturday started off super slow, but it got sweet! We were in the city centre taking a break and we were watching the big mega tv screen in castle square, and they were going through the top 50 Harry Potter moments! I got to see only five of them so I guess I'll never know what the number one Harry Potter moment was...but when we we finding I told the homie Sinclaire to point out someone for me to approach. He said "that guy in the blue jacket", I went up to this dude and his name is Txxxx, he's so cool, he said he'd love to meet next week sometime and we were hyped! After finding for a bit, we watched the new Restoration movie with Kxxxx and the other missionaries and yet again, Dave Roberts showed up and proved himself to be the funniest guy I've ever met. He was there for some other activity and he came in dressed in the funniest thing ever and he even gave us all a dominoes pizza, I attached another pic with him too!

Sunday felt like it had no real success, but we went to church which was as sweet as always, church is where it's at guys! following that we had ward coordination, and then we went back for lunch, visited DxxxKxxx again, and tried to do a few more member visits but no one was really home. then the phone call that told us what would happen for the next transfer, which goes til January 3rd, so pretty short transfer!

this week had its ups and downs, but more ups, things are looking up, I have a good feeling about this next transfer here, there's some special stuff ahead here.

I'll end with a spiritual thought: everyone please please check out the Christmas video the church put out this year, it's called Light The World. I'll include a link, you don't need to be Mormon to appreciate it. It's all about serving others as Christ would. Honestly service is such an important part in my life, I have been on both sides of service. As we serve others, we can feel happier and forget about our problems in the service of others. There are so many ways that we can serve and uplift others. The most tender experiences of service that have happened to me were simple acts, that made all the difference. When my mom passed away, it was inspiring to see how many people, including many of you, who helped me and my family through providing babysitting, meals, and so much more. Service, big or small, makes more of a difference than you may realise while in the act of it. You can serve others, no matter what your circumstances may be, there is someone you can lift, someone you can thank. I would challenge each of you to do at least one act of service each day in this upcoming month and lose yourselves in the service of others, that is where true happiness lies. the link is  mormon.org

I also wanna give a special shout out to the one, the only, D-RECK Jones, it was his birthday a bit ago earlier this month but happy late birthday dude! That kid is such a stud! Also attached a video of that homie from the good ole days.

Go serve some people and have a great week! Much love from across the pond!

Elder Varner

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